What Are Eye Floaters And What Do They Look Like?

You may happen to see little substances resembling a number of specks upon your eyes. These floaters are usually visible when you rotate or blink your eyes. At first, you may not really notice their existence as they will go where your eyes move. Yet, after a while, they will lag behind and eventually stop when you no longer move your eyes anywhere.

diagram of eye floatersSome people out there tend to mistake light flashes for eye floaters. The thing about light flashes is that they are just some rather bright lights that do not lag behind or stay in the eyes. They flash instantly across the eyes. Yet, this is not the case with eye floaters. Nevertheless, due to the fact that they do not normally cause any pains whatsoever to the sufferers, eye floaters can often go unnoticed. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily mean that people should refrain from consulting a doctor if they think they have floaters in their eyes.

Most of the time, eye floaters are triggered by liquefactions which may take place due to retinal detachments, inflammations or due to some red blood cells existing in the vitreous jelly. These liquefactions often start to show up when a person grows older. Fortunately, contrary to the common belief, people can actually find tips on how to get rid of eye floaters without surgery.

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