Improve Your Vision Naturally With Our
Clinically Tested Eye Exercise Program

Eye Exercises = Better Vision

• Reduce Dependency On Glasses Or Contacts

• Stronger, Healthier, More Relaxed Eyes
• Restore Natural Focusing Power
• Avoid Stronger Prescriptions
• Stop Further Deterioration
Eye Exercises
As A Service To The Public, We Are Giving Away
The Complete Eye Exercise Program As A Free Download.
Get It Now And See For Yourself!

Eye Exercises
Suppose your eye doctor told you that you could improve your vision with a few simple eye exercises and reduce, perhaps even eliminate, your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Would you be interested?

Eye ExercisesWell, we’re eye doctors and we’re telling you exactly that.
Our vision therapy eye exercises are effective against:

   • Nearsightedness / Myopia
   • Aging Eyes / Presbyopia
   • Lazy Eye / Astigmatism

The Power Vision Program is a course of vision therapy eye exercises that you do at home.
You get a lavishly illustrated 69 page manual with easy step-by-step instructions, 9 special
eyecharts and 3 high quality music tracks. Our vision therapy eye exercises rapidly reduce
eyestrain and increase your natural focusing power so you see more clearly. The exercises
also increase the flow of nutrients ~ making your eyes stronger and healthier. As a result,
most people see a definite improvement within a couple of weeks.

Eye ExercisesThe reason why rapid improvement is possible
is because your focusing system is controlled by
tiny muscles. If you exercise them properly, like
any other type of exercise such as stretching or
walking, it doesn’t take long to get results.

Likewise, if you suffer from dry eyes or tired
aching eyes when reading or using a computer,
the stress reduction techniques can usually give
complete relief within a few days.

The Power Vision Program was developed by doctors of optometry and its clinically proven
to work. In just a few short weeks, you’ll feel the new power in your eyes and you’ll see your
world becoming clearer. And as you reduce your dependency on glasses, you’ll experience
the joy and satisfaction of knowing that you’re on the right path to a lifetime of stronger
healthier eyes and better vision!

You will reduce your dependency on glasses until you
no longer need them or only wear them part of the time.

As you probably know from your own experience, glasses
cause dependency and make the eyes weaker. That’s why
most people need stronger prescriptions year after year.
In contrast, vision therapy eye exercises will open your
eyes to a brighter, clearer, more natural way of seeing!

  • Stop further deterioration
  • Avoid stronger prescriptions
  • Increase natural focusing power

You’ll enjoy using the Power Vision Program. We show you
how to sharpen your vision in just 25 minutes a day, how to
eliminate eyestrain from reading and computers, and how
to keep your eyes strong and healthy right into old age.

The American Vision Institute is a non-profit organization.
We’re committed to alternative health care and offer you
the complete Power Vision Program free of charge as an
Internet download. You get everything ~ not a sampler
or demo or gimmick. There’s absolutely nothing to buy.

The reason we’re doing this is because it’s our way of
giving back to the community and helping to make the
world a better place. Stronger healthier eyes make more
sense than stronger glasses. So get your download now,
while you’re thinking about it. You’ll be glad you did!

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