How Do You Treat Eye Floaters?

Go eye floaters go away on their own? Well, that depends. If you are looking for a number of ways to get rid of your eye floaters, look no further. Take a look at all these methods and also look at our review of Eye Floaters No More:

Give the Eyes a Break

closed resting eyeWhether they like it or not, there are actually times when people should really give their eyes a break, letting the eyes to relax a bit. Relaxing the eyes can be done in a number of ways and here is one good example. All that people need to do is to take the palms of their hands and use the palms to cover their eyes for, say, ten seconds. Yet, before covering their eyes with their palms, these people really should make sure first that they have rubbed their palms together. It is highly recommended that people do this drill about five times a day at least. It is also necessary to be done whenever they start seeing those floaters in their eyes again.

Roll the Eyes

This next drill is very easy to be done. First, people will have to face the ceiling in a way that their head is pulled back. After that, they can start rolling their eyes in a clockwise manner. Then, they also need to do it in a counter clockwise manner but only slowly. For the best results possible, people may consider repeating this drill ten times for clockwise manner and ten times for the other manner.


One thing that most people often forget is that focusing is actually an effective cure for eye floaters. In this case, people can start grabbing something, whatever it may be, and then hold it right in front of their face. The arm that holds the item in question should be perfectly straight, though. Then, people will have to move the focus item slowly towards their eyes while the eyes keep on looking at the item. Six inches will be an ideal distance in this case. To cure their eye floaters, people need to focus on this item for no less than one minute and then they can start pushing the item away again until their arm becomes perfectly straight ahead once again. This drill should be done repetitively, like ten times, every time it is done.


Some people have also found that massaging is also quite an effective way to eliminate the floaters in their eyes. However, of course, since it is unwise to massage the eyes, people should massage their forehead instead. They should do it in a circular motion, focusing the massage onto the section between the temples and eyebrows for approximately twenty times. They should do this in both forward and backward directions.

Sleep Enough

sleepingOne thing that can often trigger eye floaters as well is the lack of sleep. When people lack sleeping, their eyes may suffer from stress. This is made even worse when people have to spend most of their time in front of their computer, such as due to their work. Therefore, it is utterly important that people get enough sleep.

Drink, Drink and Drink

Realize it or not, people can often suffer from eye floaters because their body lacks of water. When the body does not have enough water in it, it will become vulnerable towards toxin amalgamation. Without enough water, the body will not have the ability to get rid of those toxins. This, in turn, results in eye floaters. With that being said, drinking enough water will help prevent eye floaters from ever appearing.

Consume Supplements, Preferably Organic Ones

It is true that a lot of supplements out there are sold at quite an expensive price. This has discouraged an enormous number of people out there from consuming supplements. To tell the truth, however, this is very unfortunate. With supplements, especially organic supplements, people can actually save themselves from eye floater problem. The good thing about consuming supplements is that this does not necessarily mean that people have to purchase supplements made by factories. Instead, people can simply drink various kinds of juices. Beets, celeries, raspberries, carrots, apples, parsnip and thymes are quite recommended items in this case. These items really can assist in averting eye floaters. In addition to that, drinking juices made of these items can also improve the eyesight of those who consume them.

It is also recommended that people try lysine and ginkgo biloba as well. Lysine widens blood vessels whereas ginkgo biloba increases ocular blood flow. Together, they are very effective in treating eye floaters.

Consider Consuming Bilberry

Besides the items mentioned above, bilberry is something to take into consideration as well. For those who may not be quite informed about this particular item just yet, it is a substance that contains a massive concentration of antioxidants in it. Thanks to that, bilberry is well capable of enhancing the functionality of the eyes. And, when it comes to consuming bilberries, people can choose whether to consume them raw or to consume them as jams or juices.

Stop Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption

Like it or not, both alcohol and caffeine are substances that can often affect the eyes quite severely. Those who consume both these substances regularly are usually more vulnerable towards eye floaters.

Avoid Stress

Plenty of people out there forget that stress can trigger a very wide range of problems, including eye floaters. Taking that into consideration, it is a wise idea to practice some stress or anger management techniques, such as, yoga, prayer, meditation or going out in nature to meet some new people. Doing Taichi, Pilates and Yoga are quite recommended here.

Sometimes, the attempt of getting rid of eye floaters may not be as easy as following the steps described earlier. When the eye floaters have become worse, people may even need to undergo surgeries to eventually dispose of the eye floaters. Well, speaking of curing eye floaters, here are a number of ways with which people can try and lose their eye floaters.

Undergo Laser Surgery

When the steps mentioned above no longer work, people can consider undergoing a YAG laser surgery. Here, patients will be treated with a laser beam, with the energy of the laser concentrated towards the eye floaters. The laser will then vaporize the floaters, finally eliminating them. However, there is one thing to keep in mind here. Patients will often have to pay a handsome amount of cash for the secondly floaters vitrectomy. This needs a pipe, cutting instruments and a light source.

Holistic Cure

When it comes to holistic cure, it means that in order to get rid of the floaters in their eyes, people will have to change their lifestyle and nutrition. This also means that they should take in some natural supplements as well. The extracts derived from the natural supplements will then assist in restoring normal size and liquidity as well as revitalizing vitreous humor. The nutrients obtained from the natural, or herbal, supplements are also very good in keeping the eyes protected against lute in and free radicals. Better yet, the nutrients can also help repair eyes that are already damaged.

Exercise to Relax the Eyes

One of the best cures for eye floaters is to carry out some exercises that may well help rest the eyes. Thankfully, such an exercise can usually be completed in just a few minutes??? time. One good example here will be to massage the temples of the eyes, trying to get rid of the floaters.

Do Nothing

This may sound rather ridiculous at first. However, there are not few people out there who do not realize how eye floaters can disappear on their own. Taking that into consideration, this is not a problem that people should be too concerned about. Yet, in this case, patience plays a crucial role. If people are simply to let the floaters they have in their eyes go away naturally on their own, they will have to wait for quite a long time in most cases. In some cases, the problem is not so severe that some people can even choose to live with the eye floaters.

Try This Exercise

However, if you are not the kind of person to sit back and wait for your problems to go away by itself, you may want to try this exercise. First, you need to take either a pencil or a straw, or a similar object, making sure that you are completely stretching out your arms. You need to focus on the object you are holding and then move it towards you. You need to make the object as close as about six inches from you. While moving the object, you should make sure that you still focus your eyes right on the object. Do this about ten times repetitively and your eye floaters will disappear before you know it.

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